Turning Away from the Narrow

There are many mental refuges for the quiet, introverted, witchery etc. Music, fiction and working objectively to create change of the mind are my favorite. Why would one need a place to go and think though? When surrounded by positive, “loving” people? In the hearts of so many I have encountered (myself included) hidden away in the bright, or perhaps dark, passion – contempt for these thoughts. Even scorn for how I feel.

It disgusts me how feelings of kinship can constrict the flow of ones blood. Even those I wouldn’t consider a brother or sister can change my outlook on society, even intelligent adventurous people. Those who venture their whole lives may sometimes never be open to the idea of understanding one another.

Where lies the beauty of World, of Cosmos, if one cannot accept the beauty of Worlds outside their own? Does it lie only in their worldview? Perhaps they accept scientific notions of physics and see the laws that govern our universe. Maybe they even believe in currents outside this physical realm or mind as well! The beauty lies in the mind.

I can tolerate when people don’t see the light in an individuals eye when they perceive the lightning strike. Ive come to understand the thunder that follows along with darkness.

It shines through thy minds eye. It dies with discontent, this beauty, found in the mystery. It decays even though surrounded by a thriving world. In absence of storms lightning still strikes.
Those who appreciate this spark may find whatever illumination they seek, I am open to their shallow understanding. I can even take keep of the lighthouse that shines over these shallow shores. That doesn’t mean that I appreciate it.

Is darkness the canvas of light?