group possessions are directed by the singular flow of consciousness into the same direction to eclipse the source of the unmanifest unbound or boundless unmanifest primordial nothingness with the limitless source of creation. As you learn to possess the aeon which is the flow of the demiurge coming into consciousness from self consciousness which is the subconscious echo of eternity and all things relative to humanity. Or even primordial pre-human lovecraftian-twilight entities as well. you can come into contact with being the source of existence eclipsing the primordial unbound source of manifestation too rule as the source every affirmation of your waking and even dreaming life. through ritual you can call our aeon of flesh or boundless spirit of energy in evocation and possess people through these states to communicate with the essence of eclipsing super position which is invisibility and dui morak in the underworld.