capitalizing on the ebb and flow of the source

presencing spirits during evocation is a technique that will defer in power based on the level of respect you keep with said spirit as well as contributing factors such as; the current mentality of your spirit guides and those people around you; any reversed possessed spirits be it through their dissemination; presenced motion or relationship with the circle; wither or not the spirit is shooed or appearing as if for the first time; the specific event or nature you ascertain with their mention from your subconscious; your consciousness or the whsipering abyss; most importantly if they could have any effect on the moment you think about them.

Before you take meditating with the abyss seriously you should know that all moments that could arise from the great potentiality have their moment in time, the all is possessed by consciousness and synchronicity – it moves as a clockwork. The inner workings of manifesting spirits in a 24/7 evocation paradigm has its intricacies


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