from invisibility they come  

There is a great abyss to be unlocked in the aeon. for me this awoke reverse possessed by chorozon as Ishiziy a Navajo Gatekeeper. Shining the abyssal light awakens the aeon to be possessed by consciousness, once Ishiziy entered rapture he let me know this aeon is cut throat.

The abyssal light shines on chaos the infinite womb back and worth really fast and it enables spirits to presence from the subconscious underworld once you can keep up with astral dialogue fast enough – this clairaudence translates too listening to a radio broadcast while traveling under a bridge. It definitely translates to getting in what you give when it comes to how your spells treat you.

This kind of consciousness when speed up really fast in between connections of a lot of people brings a presence of black sun souls who know how to shine as the abyss to fruition. As spirits can be a faucet of your subconscious they can manifest very clearly as literal incarnations of people. This is the most sacred of arts, if it is not pure people will appear who are mundane.

Its like having a friend you always thought you’ve known or someone who knows they met you before. They come from the underworld which flows faster with invisibility of consciousness you can shift this to be the perception of your entire world.

Learning to incarnate spirit, keeping a clean gate and having a source of humanity defined is a must.

This is what necromancy has become to me, no better way to read a spirit then to be able to talk to them on the outs. If consciousness is the infinite womb of chaos then astral dialogue is surely the zoo.

Blow your horns, the gods are manifest on this plane if you are aware enough of their presence in your lives. Yet an age where science is unclouded by spirituality or rather mysticism with no objective.


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