favorite spirits to read behind invisibility (no need to thank)
king paimon – he can bind objects and spirits to people
glasya labolas – can read people or powerful dogs behind invisibility to be sorted from
seth – can summon weapons behind invisibility that can be kept
amaymon – can summon drugs and many visions of hell
sin – very powerful possessor, because reading it causes one to stare into the abyss deep
ona owl – people teleport and think instinctively behind invisibility
zetoil- reading people being invisibility they are very prescient with the godmind as they come to be
abaddon – makes cops who never mess with me
wraith – expert at deleting memory
quistay – she not cuckay
lauren – makes flashes of light I pulled her from invis.
ischizy-dogs, peculiar doggies with long legs
cthulthu- makes chicken tenders double the size for my patrons and dead bodies.
yig – makes insects disappear!
lady – killer mother
hitler – buildings rise from invisibility
bil ur sag – cat like but not catay, also music magic
totenkamp – heater


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