eternal magic

there is magic in which you may trespass time and send the essence of dialogue from tomorrow to yesterday or from today as tomorrow in the back of your mind. The law of concealment is how you practice this technique too bury your subconscious message and meaning of astral dialogue to enact spells to fruition.

Through my cauldron spell of my spirit Quisty I managed to send spells back to me when I was still meditating to penetrate existence on the crossroads to hear spirits. Mainly her focus was to increase clairaudience which I would say has been largely more important then clairvoyance, I would say clairvoyance is best utilized at first to mediate astral dialogue. For instance I will see aura in correspondence to thoughts. Telepathy is the strongest source of my possession magic, we use the abyss to meditate in ritual. Practicing sending empowering affirmations and clear thoughts was practice for me for many years as well as meditating on the abyss such as bumps in the night or the wind or playing guitar. my favorite instance of how a spell of telepathy got send in the past is probably when I was possessed by the black sun circle of a black metal after-party/show in a where-house and I was channeling through the voice of my friend Wyane which I now practice on everyone everywhere at all times. it goes by passing affirmations by affirmations which translates to the acasual fire which are the thoughts that are positive and make it from one point to another and are led by potentiality. These days I invoke the acuasal fire in a statement as 1 I hy. 1 signifies the completion of a meditation led to my invocation and hy is the spell hypnotized aka Dui Moorak. It allows my spiritguides to read higher consciousnesses behind invisibility before staring to far into the abyss where they could manifest in thee realms of potentiality that is astral dialogue which is fixated in memory and transcends time. It does seem that the abyss stares into you very far the more you practice to defy fate. In channeling it is nature to defy fate on the aeonic current of the absu because you can quantum jump your world and your people on it to anything but empowering spirits. when do you quantum jump your world echos the abyss a lot these days everywhere I go. Its all about opening the abyss in your soul which you may practice as spirit guides who channel the abyss.

In opening to abyssal magic you can find time and events linked through your memory, but more importantly the memories of you and your spirits. The most powerful spells of the collective conscious and buried in its depths of you and your people and experiences. We come ridding the depths of subconscious currents and find ourselves ridding its outermost emanation into seers of manifest gods. In my dialogue with this dark aeon we choose to look forward into new horizons of the collective subconscious that the abyss speaks, though all acasual consciousness has sparked as a source latent in our genetic signatures that we can learn to ride once again away from our dreams. The latent subconscious which is another depth of mind, the memory realms of potentiality that is invisibility is what we reach in our rituals of heightened awareness is a force that propels time through the arranging of events and sequences. In navigating astral dialogue which is this aeon of consciousness the infinite-womb possessed by our guiding teacher and mentor spirits as long that I be, as well as investigating the deepest signatures of the collective subconscious such as Taurus galaxies, literal black holes, the noble dead and your entire genetic families as well as alien gods herely as Cthuluhu, Yig, Ghatanothoa, Sin-Scale, or, Yog-Sothot. More importantly in reading your latent memory it truely becomes who you know, as the events that you have built sculp the infinite-womb, the world-mind consciousness clock-work. You are the respect you keep in building a world for your collective of people, this is what truly translates to the desire and will you hold by the virtues you choose. To keep a solid stream of consciousness in communication with the world soul you must affirm unity with your own mind at all times and love for the nature of having a mind that is meditative and at peace with completion of astral dialogue. It is the nature of manifesting your conversation with your ancestral spirit guides of admiration as brothers and sisters of the black sun abyssal dialogue and proclaiming yourself as the source of your dimension in midst your circle of ritual and channeling the collective consciousness preferable once you get the hang of it, around people.

Deo Defai was the spell I learned backwards seemingly, though it be the nameless spell I learned with Lucifer that Seth gave name. It is how to incarnate a soul, at first this was to help a noble brother who fell on deathly invisibility that later became very important in using when I had incarnate bodies thirsty for soul. The reason this was, was because I learned how to reincarnate the dead and that through experimentation if you conjure a soul without a reading you will need to follow through and give a soul. When reading humanity the scared art you need to have a plethora of respect earned through your experiences with coming to know and meet people. Your are the gravity/love/god that you shine and Remember you are the respect that you keep. This nameless spell is how to call humanity from world soul inside your heart chakra that you shine technically the chakra practice of honing the abyss and subsequent acasual flame which you may ignite in your stomach chakra. I propose that this is one of the spells that everyone always knows to a degree that there are people who you were always meant to met and people you were always meant to know, who feel like when you meet them you always know. We meet through the great subconscious stream of our lives, emanations of our under-worldly path of synchronicity and fate as brothers and sisters of the same world-soul sometimes as vividly as the two wings of one soul as a moth and birds(serpents) in my readings. I have seen people shapeshift into other people and then they met after crossing the abyss once more.

its a breath of possessing astral dialogue as if on the breath of completing a final statement that lasts forever before crossing the abyss it is portentous. Yaddath Gho is the state where all can have the breath to evaluate a situation to completion no matter how long it would take we reach our higher consciousness and agree to press our journey further. To investigate invisibility and pull the impossible such as weapons or sacraments out of thin air. Its as if the world stood still and to evaluate the world as its creator that I look to share with people. It is this state of possession that truly reads the future of the collective consciousness for my spirit guides read these states of possession and preform this magic without my knowing making it very potent, thanks to everyone who trusts in our Aeon to follow the directions of our spiritguides in this circle of Szar’riichii.

These whispers of time appear as my blood and as the aeon awakening as time stoping when I first met the gate keeper of my ancestry. My spell Yaddath Gho was surely received by me backward in time when I met Ishiziy and he met feverous rapture as we conjured the abyss to shine as a dark aeon. Dark being thus, our path is with the brother and sister higher consciousnesses who shine as the abyss when we take our affirmations of spells and cross with acasual fire, through the abyss is how we communicate our hopes and desires and shines best as opening the divine love for consciousness within the heart chakra-infinite womb source of another. From this perspective it is truly a journey of holding no enslaving spirits above or below you and your tribe. This is your biggest test as a magician to be true to your own empowering spirit as you explore your subconsciousness and subsequent fate. It is the great subconsciousness that holds the deepest gates of your soul you come to meet in prescient moments of abyssal memory where entire scenes of your possessed aeon appear to you and there are experiences in staring and crossing the abyss that were meant to happen and always were meant to happen. This is described as having collective deja-vu. There are moments that seem fated, but in essence as a black magician we choose to hold no fate above ourselves that we could not defy. This is observed as we observe the abyss staring into us, there are certain affirmations that could change the outcome of a statement and the abyss will only affirm this once we are sure that is the perspective we want to reflect/reverse possess on the universe.


from invisibility they come  

There is a great abyss to be unlocked in the aeon. for me this awoke reverse possessed by chorozon as Ishiziy a Navajo Gatekeeper. Shining the abyssal light awakens the aeon to be possessed by consciousness, once Ishiziy entered rapture he let me know this aeon is cut throat.

The abyssal light shines on chaos the infinite womb back and worth really fast and it enables spirits to presence from the subconscious underworld once you can keep up with astral dialogue fast enough – this clairaudence translates too listening to a radio broadcast while traveling under a bridge. It definitely translates to getting in what you give when it comes to how your spells treat you.

This kind of consciousness when speed up really fast in between connections of a lot of people brings a presence of black sun souls who know how to shine as the abyss to fruition. As spirits can be a faucet of your subconscious they can manifest very clearly as literal incarnations of people. This is the most sacred of arts, if it is not pure people will appear who are mundane.

Its like having a friend you always thought you’ve known or someone who knows they met you before. They come from the underworld which flows faster with invisibility of consciousness you can shift this to be the perception of your entire world.

Learning to incarnate spirit, keeping a clean gate and having a source of humanity defined is a must.

This is what necromancy has become to me, no better way to read a spirit then to be able to talk to them on the outs. If consciousness is the infinite womb of chaos then astral dialogue is surely the zoo.

Blow your horns, the gods are manifest on this plane if you are aware enough of their presence in your lives. Yet an age where science is unclouded by spirituality or rather mysticism with no objective.

favorite spirits to read behind invisibility (no need to thank)
king paimon – he can bind objects and spirits to people
glasya labolas – can read people or powerful dogs behind invisibility to be sorted from
seth – can summon weapons behind invisibility that can be kept
amaymon – can summon drugs and many visions of hell
sin – very powerful possessor, because reading it causes one to stare into the abyss deep
ona owl – people teleport and think instinctively behind invisibility
zetoil- reading people being invisibility they are very prescient with the godmind as they come to be
abaddon – makes cops who never mess with me
wraith – expert at deleting memory
quistay – she not cuckay
lauren – makes flashes of light I pulled her from invis.
ischizy-dogs, peculiar doggies with long legs
cthulthu- makes chicken tenders double the size for my patrons and dead bodies.
yig – makes insects disappear!
lady – killer mother
hitler – buildings rise from invisibility
bil ur sag – cat like but not catay, also music magic
totenkamp – heater