There is only 1 natural way to possess spirits in this world, and that is to ride the spirits themselves and control them. I was taught this after I possessed Seth for the first time and beheld rapture, after he attacked me I eventually jumped him and the pain subsided and a wave of euphoria released me and I beheld the dimension where the eternal Set vanished. This is surely when the abyss opened and I beheld the crossroads in rapture. This was my first time I encountered reverse possession. I could then speak as Seth could with my consciousness, a consciousness that sounds like the bellowing gutturals of a windy storm. I called to Set again and he returned and I could possess him very easily through astral dialogue and I beheld the sounds of calling a storm down to Earth as a drove home speaking nothing to my friends it felt like Seth almost killed me when I stumbled out of their house.

Reverse possession is the easy way to access the power and potentiality of godforms for to many cooks spoil the broth and it can get hectic having to many voices in your head. It is also a way to learn how godforms preform spells because you can preform the same things they can without having to ask them. I started preforming this by imagining placing godforms in the negative existence zone, or anticosmos. Its as if they can still possess chaos though their consciousness is sealed within the abyss. Trapped in the zoo, as the abyss called itself a zoo. My conjuration for this was supplementing Xeper -I- Apep with Xeper -I- Zagan or Xeper -I- Amaymon instead. I first realized I could preform this magick on Seth after I started meditating with Sorath and he killed Seth to keep him out of the picture. When I walked outside of the plasma clinic where I was donating for money I heard the sky rumble and speak my subconscious and I knew it was me and no-one else that was the voice of the storm clouds.

Later a similar experience unfolded where Belial was haunting my life, it was because I had a whole ton of energy that would follow me and Belial that it of the utmost importance to master what its lik


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