Visions that build their own means

To take a subject is to explore different viewpoints, the discipline to take on guided roles. Once you put your mind in a place were you think as a scholar of a subject would you not only begin to understand concepts more but you also harbor a sense of ingenuity. To think like a chemist would be to search for the binding of molecules and see as well as predict the elements they create. To think like  an anthropologist would be to find the meaning behind myths and customs as purveyors of a healthy culture and a lasting society. What then does it mean to be one who seeks to understand the sum and dispersion of all inexplicable and synchronistic experiences? What do you call those who have seen the otherside of creation and dissociation, and pain.

When you stare into the abyss, it stabs a knife that seeks to cut not only you, but through all of existence.


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