Don’t you love to dream?

  • a series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person’s mind during sleep.
    “I had a recurrent dream about falling from great heights”

That state betwixt 2 states, one of unlimited conscious illumination and one depth-less reciprocity. One of where you have the unbound freedom to create thought patterns, question mysteries and bask in the flow of energy with other minds. The Other where you find you mind bottoms out to a place deeper then your apparent source of creativity and intuition.

It is possible to lower your brainwaves to a point where the two can join hand in hand, though most in this life experience this a handful of times at the most outside of dreaming. Though what is experience? Perhaps the other side of the coin of experience is innocence. It represents the culmination of the material quest, completing the stages of the Cycle of Matter. The innocent long to find themselves in an event that culminates their spiritual quest or rather, most feel themselves pulled to complete an event that is signified with material development. Dreams are pure in this way, that which comes upon a night without expectation to dismantle the ritual framework. Though one may not fully be aware of their minds capabilities without the experience of manifestation. May it come as a bucket full of ice upon a sleeper – rather then the writing of permanent marker upon a snorers face.

Is it not important to take every experience, good and bad and weigh them as couriers of the journey of your soul? Though remember, as an initiate the quest is neverending – least you initiate yourself unto the most high and become one with the source..

In this quest be imaginative! Forgive yourself and others! Judge not according to man’sjustice but according to divine inspiration and love!

though what is love?


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