In-Most Faculties are Natural

its actually true as in it will work to break the state, I know this and I will share my personal accounts recently. When the mind (or mine at least) is in that strange state and can barely form full thoughts, out of instinct my mind picks a choice word or words to recant for a familiar sense, perhaps one of security.
For me lately its not necessarily out of security from this experience but for trusting the depths of my subconsciousness..For most it is probably fear of the experience and praying to save it from it, in the end focusing a specific thought on one thing with break you out of the trance – which is detrimental for the practicing occultist or even mystic.

Whats ironic though is that while most “pray” to break this state something strange manifested in sleep paralysis too me recently… when accidentally listening to this bullshit!

I fell asleep to youtube auto play and this came up after researching parallel realities that night, I was doing so because I felt something strange around me all day ever since I work up outside my place after partying with co workers at a haunted restaurant/bar (casey moors Tempe 3 ghosts, one was raped and killed). The more I read about other dimensions I could feel and see something thicken around me. After watching some strange videos like one which is fiction im sure talk about a CERN scientist who went missing the preaching started and it happened a couple mins into the video.

I remember very vividly seeing some form of energy (translucent spectrum of colors) jump into my body FAST with my eyes half open, me half asleep while that video was playing in the background. As of late I have had close friends warn me about possession as well as a few, if only one, person who is clairvoyant/clairaudent tell me there’s a shadowy presence accompanying me. As you and me know entities that someone on the left hand path/A black magician does not view eternal entities/aspects of ourselves as something that requires banishing – but requires understanding and working with for the benefit out ourselves. (see Eudaimonia)

Anyways, as the presence jumped into me I feel into a deeper sleep paralysis state instantly- and unlike a previous experience where I instantly felt pain/ill in my stomach I wanted to experience this fully. Unfortunately I couldnt hold the state after I heard the back door of the house which was barely out of my sight banging open and close – violently and loud – over and over very fast. So what I did was the mixture of trying to raise my body up with my head and hands trying to mutter “satan” as I diddnt want to have anything to do with that preaching I was listening too while hearing/dreaming straight poltergeist activity.

I ended up leaving that state and looked up to see that back door closed and noises instantly stopped. Now, I dont believe in encapsulating a form called “satan” or would call myself satanic. Although I do love the ideals of sinister satanism. (ONA) I believe I muttered that word because I wanted to call within that inner most adversarial aspect of my psyche, as I felt uncomfortable with where I was being led by something else. Probably because my mind has been surrounded with the concept of two things, evoking entities unknown and possession as the path to omni-present power. The mix of those two at the same time im still trying to be comfortable with.

Last night I had some deep dreams, and woke up with my eyes open still in a dream like state. Out of instinct I drew of purple inverted pentagram towards where I was facing. A closet door opened up with purple light shining through.

After some amount of time I realized my ole’ cat who passed away was sitting by my shoulder. I saw a long purple disembodied hand start to stretch from the same area where cat was sitting over me. Soon another longer purple disembodied hand started to stretch around the room to the right of me.

I tried reaching out to the hand muttering the word Zelkin, the name of my departed cat. Slowly the hand receded from my grasp – I couldnt reach the hand with mine and then I woke up. I feel like it diddnt take my hand because I was muttering the word Zelkin in my head and this was an entity that may have some similarity in some way but in the end wasnt my cat. I would say that contrary to many who say entities will lie to you to let you in that if this are truly “spirits” foreign to human consciousness(I.E. not human formed egregores) you can trust these intelligence, especially if you feel they are alien to this dimension.

Now im not even trying to get into the debate of whither spirits exist without or without or psyche, for I believe our mind is betwixt and in between the world of spirits.…/8122b928546f46965f6c91c4b5f… Our self is a spirit itself.

Sleep paralysis is to me, a gate way to those deeper faculties of the mind – while can simply manifest as a lucid dream, it can also lead to experiences with supernatural forces – particularly entities.

The point I want to make is that sleep paralysis has a strong familiarity to meditative states, expect for me it is much more powerful.. and natural. Working with energies in a trace state may sound daunting to a lot of people but this is something that is in fact simple! As it is one of the deeper faculties that our mind happens naturally. Like sleep paralysis!

So trust your mind when it reaches these depths, Dont call out or distract you mind with any prayers, or words. As scary as it may be or as dark as you know your mind may get. This is a natural process that happens spontaneously, let it happen.


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