In Times of War

Hatred burns through and through just like passion. I was recently musing to a friend about local new age groups and how I feel so strongly the mind should be kept in check with positive affirmations that I could go all “love and light” with them. She quickly reminded me of her disgust for such things though, least somebody take advantage of your attention and affection. The world is full of people who drain you, its funny when people think it makes them something special – cute even.

One thing I have become enlightened to recently is the unnecessary techniques of psychic vamprism, for there is so much energy abundant in not only this Earth and Stars but the all manifestations in this veil has come from the same source.. o’r the abyss. To tap into this would cut the whole need for cleansing someones energy right out for the purpose of creating energy for a working. Yet… the oldest part of myself the palest blood darkened by the horror that is humanity has always felt pulled towards what myths captivate minds for centuries… While that which modern media stimulate the disgusting masses with depictions of a cute boy this generation finds romantic. Not even relateable! Tis’ but a fantasy of this generations adolescents, at least David Bowie’s film contributions I could find tolerable! As was his music. The scent of these reveal an easy prey, I smell it in their blood.

It is humanity’s inherent duty to create chaos and horror. Too rip the throat of all those who would defile this clandestine legacy. The most ancient fiends wake’! Spawned by those older then humans or perhaps mere consciousness as we know it itself. The fiends lurk in the shadows attaching themselves to those who the Elders choose to spread their influence too.

Ohhpen youself…” It came upon one right. Whhhhhispered behind my back after a sickness invaded my stomach twice. I was warned by a friend who could see the eyes burning red in the dark to not let it in, yet I can open gateways without and not within.

Ov the 3
The caught key
Was but a fee